Director Plantations DirectorateThe Plantations Directorate of National Forestry Authority is responsible for establishment and management of forest plantations and tree seedling nurseries in designated plantation areas under National Forestry Authority.

The Unit is headed by a Director at NFA headquarters with seven plantation areas managed by Plantation Managers, supported by Sector Managers and Forest Supervisors

Mununuzi David - Plantations Director

Management Areas: NFA has 7 plantation areas as indicated below:

  1. Mbarara Plantations comprising of Rwemitongore, Kyahi, Bugamba and Rwoho Plantations. Kyahi and Rwemitongore are for production of Eucalyptus poles and timber while Bugamba and Rwoho are for Pine and Cypress. Total planted area to date is 2,957 ha. The plantations are found in the Districts of Mbarara, Isingiro and Ntungamo.
  2. Mafuga Plantations comprising of Kabale, Mafuga, Kirima, Muko and Echuya plantations for production of Eucalyptus, Pine and Cypress. The plantations with a planted area of 1,700 ha are located in the Districts of Kabale, Kanungu and Kisoro.
  3. North Rwenzori Plantations in Ntoroko District with a planted area of 1,670 ha of pine. The planting was done using World Bank credit under the Environmental Management Capacity Building Project (EMCBP) Phase 11
  4. Mwenge Plantations comprising Oruha and Kyehara plantations inKyenjojo District with a planted area of 1,550 ha of both Pine and Eucalyptus
  5. Katuugo Plantations comprising Katuugo and Kasagala Plantations in Nakasongola District with a total planted area of 2,498 of which NFA manages 778ha while the rest is managed by Nile Ply woods under a management license
  6. Lendu Plantations comprising Lendu, Okavureru, Usi and Awang Plantations  inZombo District with a planted area of 956 ha of both Eucalyptus and Pine.
  7. Opit Abera Plantations in Gulu District with a planted area of 176 ha of Pine

Mr. Mununuzi David

Director Plantations

National Forestry Authority.




TheDirectorate of Corporate Affairsoffers support to the National Forestry Authority fulfill its mandate of managing Central Forest Reserves on a sustainable basis and supply forestry related products and services to the Government, Communities and the Private Sector.

The Directorate handles issues to do with Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting, Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping,Inventory and Surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment and Research (EIAR), Consultancy and Management Services, Supervision and monitoring compliance to NFA policy guidelines and standards.

The Directorate works hand in hand with other Directorates to achieve NFA’s strategic objectives of improving management of all Central Forest Reserves, Expanding partnership arrangements, Supply quality forest and non-forest products and services and attain organizational sustainability.

The Corporate Affairs directorate is headed by the Director. The directorate alsoplays a management role at the National Forestry Authority, the directorate is comprised of seven Units (i) planning, (ii) Environmental Impact assessment and research(iii) Consultancy and Management services (iv) Monitoring and Evaluation and Database management, (v) GIS and Mapping, (vi) Inventory and Surveys, (vii) Information and Technology and (viii) Climate change. Each of the unit is headed by a coordinator.





Mr. Abdul MubiruThe Finance and administration directorate plays a support service role to all the departments in the National Forestry Authority; the finance directorate has two (2) units namely the Accounts unit and the Administration.

This Finance and administration directorate delegated to do financial planning, financial management, and provision of operating funds, financial reporting and analysis.

Mr.Abdul Mubiru | Ag. Director Finance and Administration

The Accounts department is mandated to do the following:

  • Development and coordination of effective revenue collection system, policies and procedures ensure inadequate controls are in place to maintain proper books of account.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Preparing annual operation plans and budgeting.
  • Monitoring of financial performance.
  • Establishment of stringent expenditure controls.
  •  Liaising with external auditors.
  • Budgetary planning, monitoring and analysis.
  • Preparation of final accounts.
  • Giving financial advice to management among many tasks we perform. 

The administration department is in charge of:

  • Ensuring availability of office supply.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and functioning of the building.
  • Administration of stores.
  • Administration of records and the library.
  • Administration of the NFA rental Units.
  • Ensuring security of and access of the NFA headquarter building.




Mr.Levi EtwodiThe Directorate of Natural Forests is one of the National fivedirectorates within the Authority;It is divided into eight (8) management units namely Natural Forest Management, Forest Utilization, Community Partnerships, Land Management, Boundary Surveys, Eco-Tourism and Encroachment Prevention.


Mr. Levi Etwodi | Director Natural Forests

NFA has a mandate of managing506 Central Forest Reserves (CFR’s)totaling to1,262,090 ha of the land cover, with objectives of improving management of the CFRs, expanding partnership arrangements, supplying forest and non-forest products and services and ensuring organizational stability.

Our aim as a Directorate is to restore the integrity of the central forest reserves, develop andinnovate new products and services, improve ecotourism management and expand its coverage across the CFR’s in the Country.

The directorate has registered a number of achievements in themanagement and conservation of the natural forests,including establishment of plantations for forest products, promotion of private sector planting of 37,000 ha in central forest reserves and to date 40 CFM agreements signed with communities in addition to MOU’s signed and currently under implementation with various partners.

The natural forest directorate is currently implementing the Collaborative Forestry Management plan devised to foster mutually beneficial or partnerships with communities in which a local forest user group and NFA as a responsible body share rights, responsibilities and returns (benefits) in a forest reserve or part of it.

The decision to engage communities was premised on the understanding within NFAthat a Forest Reserve can only be adequately managed if co-operation of the forest adjacent communities is obtained.The focus of CFM programmeis therefore on: Ensuring stakeholder participation,collective responsibility and equity, and Improving the livelihoods of forest dependent communities.



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