Busingiro Eco – Tourism Site

BusingiyoAttractions: habitat of several Primate Species likeChimpazees, Monkeys and Baboons. However, the Chimpazees, habituated for visitor tracking. Mahogany, Iron Wood, Fig Trees, Stranglers and a host of medicinal Trees form the bulk of Floral Species, Birds, Butterflies, Reptiles, Small Mammals and other Micro Organisms.

Activities: they include Forest Walks, Bird Watching, Primate Identification, Conservation Education, Research, and Butterfly Identification among others.

Accommodation: consists mainly of Camping Facilities. However, the Jane Goodal Institute is in the process of renovating and refurbishing the Tourist Bandas to house at least ten Visitors.

For Reservations, please contact: Lets Go Travel Ltd; Tel: 256-41-346667/8/9; Fax: 256-41-346666; E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.