Lutoboka, and Bunjazi Central Forest Reserves

LutobokaAttractions: these Forests, found on the legendary Ssesse Islands, are described as medium altitude moist forests. They form a belt along the lake and the lower ridges with a gentle slope from the lakeshore to the center. Forest Walks, Bird Watching, Primate Identification, and Butterfly Identification. In addition, visitors can also enjoy Sailing, Boating, Fishing, and Sun Bathing along the Lakeshores.

Activities: Forest Walks, Forest Trails are well developed, visitors to Lutoboka should not miss stretches from the landing site up to the Fort where the explorer Henry Morton Stanley pitched camp on his way to the famed mountains of the moon.

Area coverage:378 ha, there are 31 gazetted Forest Reserves in the Islands with a total of 7,324ha under the control of the National Forestry Authority. The Ssesse Islands are a group of 84 Islands famous for their unexplored Forests some of which are completely uninhabited. They are a natural habitat for rare and endemic Birds and Butterflies. Primate Species especially the Monkeys abound. This rich and virgin Eco – System serenely blends into the aquatic expanse of Lake Victoria , Africa’s largest fresh water lake, making these Forest Reserves a must visit.
Activities in the Forest Reserves include

Accommodation in the Reserves, especially in Lutoboka, is largely in the hands of Private Developers. There are a number of well-developed Beaches and Resorts.
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Accessibility to the Islands is by Ship departing from Nakiwogo Landing Site near Entebbe at exactly 14 Hours daily. The Ship starts its return journey from Lutoboka Landing Site at exactly 8 Hours daily. Alternatively, one may approach the Islands by Ferry from Bukakata/Kachanga Landing Site near Masaka. The Ferry docks at Luku Landing Site near Kalangala.